Because safer drivers means a safer California for us all.


Getting a ticket isn't fun and neither is taking traffic school, but what is even less fun is being seriously hurt or killed in a car crash. $5 DOLLAR ® Traffic School was created not only to save you time and money but to also help you change your driving habits so you can stay safe. How do we do this and still keep is super easy? There is no memorizing and none of those stressful trick questions you see on driver's license exams. Just an intuitive course that inspires you to change your outlook on driving.


We have to admit our reasons for doing this are kind of selfish - we live and work in California, and so do all the people we love including all of you. And we are doing our part to make it as safe a driving environment as we can.


Help us spread the word and improve the driving climate for the better. Share what you've learned with your friends and family and let them know about $5 Traffic School.

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